10 year old POLST forms in the Registry

If your POLST orders more than 10 years old, it may be time for a conversation with your provider.

Medical orders require periodic review and it is the policy of the Oregon POLST Registry to remove POLST forms that are 10 years old from the Registry. Forms signed by a healthcare provider more than 10 years ago are automatically archived in the Registry and will not be available to the Emergency Call Center hotline.

If you would like to have an updated POLST form in the Registry, please visit your healthcare professional to review your treatment wishes and fill out a new form. If you have questions please contact the Oregon POLST Registry at 1-877-367-7657 orpolstreg.ohsu.edu.    

Registrants that have a current address on file with the Registry will receive a notification letter to update their POLST form with their healthcare provider.

2009 POLST form