OPR Webinar: July 14, 2021

New Innovations: The New Oregon POLST Registry Platform Expands Access and Informs Quality Improvement

This free web presentation will be held on Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at 12:00PM (PDT)
Dr. Abby Dotson, OPR Director
As part of Oregon’s ongoing commitment to freely share our successes and struggles in creating a process that records and honors the treatment goals of those with serious illnesses who are nearing the end of their lives,

Abby Dotson PhD, Director of the Oregon POLST Registry, will present:
A brief history of OPR & POLST form access from 2009 to now;
Provider portal demo and access levels;
Process for enrollment;
EHR interoperability capabilities;
Next steps: EMS digital access to POLST database and needs survey, and
Susan Tolle MD, Chair of the Oregon POLST Coalition, will share:
The use of Registry data to guide quality improvement and systems change.

Register Here

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