Acute Care Units

How will Intensive and Acute Care Departments access the POLST Registry in an emergency?  They may call the POLST Registry Hotline at the OHSU Emergency Communications Center (ECC) for immediate POLST form requests.  Call the Registry business office to request the toll-free number and for any non-urgent questions.

What patient information should I have available when calling the Registry Hotline? 

» Full Name 

» Date of birth 

» Registry ID  

» Last 4 digits of SSN   

» Gender   

» Age  

» Street address

» City/County     

What is the POLST Registry ID?  It is a unique identifier assigned to each patient. Providing this ID can help Registry staff quickly access POLST information.  The ID is printed on a magnet  (pictured above) and stickers which you may find in the patients’ personal effects.

When will a POLST form be faxed? A copy of the POLST form will be faxed immediately to the ICU department treating the patient. Forms can only be faxed to KNOWN fax numbers. Register a fax number here.  

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