Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Oregon POLST Registry?

It is a secure electronic record of your POLST orders. The Registry allows health care professionals treating you to access your POLST orders if the paper copy cannot be found. Information in the Registry is protected and confidential.

How does the Registry work?

Health care professionals can call trained specialists who will relay your POLST orders once they have confirmed your identity. Watch the video “OPR at Work” to see how.


How do I get a POLST form?

POLST forms are available at your primary care professional’s (PCP) office. Your PCP will help you communicate your goals of care and must sign and date your POLST form before it can be used. Click here for more information about how to get a POLST form and understanding POLST.


Do I have to send my POLST to the Registry?

No, your PCP’s office should send it in for you. You may fax (Registry fax: 503-418-2161) or mail a copy of both sides of your POLST.


What if I don’t want my information in the Registry?

If you do not want your POLST put in the Registry simply tell your PCP and check the “opt-out” box. If you do not see this box, write opt-out on the front page of your form. If you do not opt out, your POLST will be sent to the Registry.


How will I know my POLST is in the Registry?

If we received your address with your POLST form we will send you a confirmation letter, a magnet, and a set of stickers with your Registry ID (example below).


Where should my Registry ID magnet and stickers go?

The magnet (example above) should be placed on your refrigerator. We recommend that one of the stickers be placed on your original POLST form, one be given to your PCP, and the third placed on something you would carry with you, like a wallet or day planner.


Can I engrave my Registry ID on medical jewlery?

Yes! You can. Click here to learn more.

What if my POLST orders or information changes?

Contact the Registry office at 1-877-367-7657 anytime you need to update your records. See “When to Contact the Registry”.

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